Curious about me,
are you?

Out of college I was a research Kinesiologist  (or as some call it, a Personal Trainer).  I was and still am fascinated by what motivates people. I designed wellness and fitness programs to optimize each of my User’s Experience and give balance to the motion and stillness by prescribing both physical movements and meditative stillness.

I then moved into a 6+ year role as a Manufacturing & Operations Manager where I had the honor of designing and operating 4 manufacturing facilities and 8 production lines. Each of the designs were based around the research, feedback, and data  from our own manufacturing associates experiences. I saw first hand how powerful it can be, for the user and the business, to design elegant solutions from a place of empathy and curiosity. 

As I studied UX Design at General Assembly, I realized that In my work as a Personal Trainer, Operations Manager and a Manufacturing Designer, that I am constantly looking to improve the  user experience for the end user and the business.

My through line of value for all of my professional career has been my desire to understand people and by doing so, design effective and elegant solutions.

Looking forward, I want to work with a mid sized start up in the Financial Tech, Health/Wellness/Meditation, Adventure/Exploration or Education sectors with a more Senior UX Designer under which I can take less valuable and more time intensive UX tasks and research, effectively giving my Senior UX Designer or Researcher more time on high value tasks and allowing me to hone my craft and make a positive impact on the world.